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Schedule for Pesach


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We will daven shacharis at 7:45 each morning.Mincha will be at 7:00PM, followed by a dvar halacha, and then maariv.  
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at 7AM Daily
We will also hold our weekly Sunday morning gemara shiur on Zoom. Please join for that at 8:30 AM:
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      Urgent Maos Chitim Appeal!

Dear Friends,

We are in the midst of pandemic that has gripped the world in panic and fear. The precautions we have taken to stem the tide of that pandemic have taken an enormous toll on the economy, and on individuals financially. We know that this is temporary, and that things will improve, for they always do. The lock-down will end, business and commerce will reopen, and the economy will roar back. But, until it does, people are struggling.

Those who do not have a nest egg on which to fall back in times of financial hardship are beginning to suffer from the economic fallout of the bid to contain this virus. They cannot imagine how they will be able to afford to make yom tov, yet they have no choice but to stay at home and make Pesach under current directives. They cannot wait for things to get better. Demand for tzedakah funds for Pesach will be higher this year than any time in memory. At the same time, many significant donors in the Jewish world have seen their portfolios lose value, or their businesses temporarily closed or slowed, and they may not be as forthcoming with their donations this year.

This year, we have the opportunity to perform the mitzvah of maos chitim like we have never had before and will hopefully never have again. Every dollar you contribute will be life-saving and life-changing for the desperate families who have nowhere to turn.

We are looking to raise at least $12,000 for our maos chitim campaign this year. Every donation counts. Please give generously!

Please read An Important Message Regarding Pessach 2020
Thursday Evening at 7:45PM 
Parsha Class
Please note that until further notice,
Bais Torah Is Closed.
Please read the notes below from
Rabbi Gottlieb and Jack Gross.
Our Shul community is here to help!
All of us should endeavor to stay at home as much as possible and only go out for our essential needs in accordance with specific guidelines suggested by our Local, State and Federal governments. 
In particular, however, our older members and members with serious chronic medical conditions are being instructed to stay at home unless absolutely necessary to leave. If you are older or have a serious chronic condition, you are at a higher risk for serious illness from the COVID -19 virus. We want to make sure that you are able to take this vital precaution and stay home without anxiety.  
We know how much of a hardship this is and we are committed as a Shul to help make it easier.
We are an amazing group of friends and members!  
We are ready to assist you with running errands, picking up groceries or other types of help you may need in the coming weeks. 
We want to make sure you are stocked up on supplies now and we are ready to help procure what you need.
Please contact me and let me know if you need help.
I will arrange whatever is necessary to make the upcoming weeks easier for you.
Of course, you can also contact the Shul office at 845-352-1343  or
click here to email Bais Torah if you have questions or need other assistance.
We are here to help each other during these unprecedented times. 

If you are in a position to volunteer please click here to email me.
With Hashem’s protection, this outbreak will pass soon and we will all be together in Bais Torah once again.
Stay Healthy and Stay Safe!
Jack Gross President  
Dear Members and Friends,
The Covid-19 situation continues to develop and evolve and the virus continues to pose a very real and present danger to public health and safety. As the virus continue to spread, it is incumbent upon each of us to do our part to protect our own health and that of the broader community.
After consulting with Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt, and becoming personally aware of as of yet unreported cases of Covid-19 within the Monsey community, I have come to the difficult decision that the time has come to temporarily close the doors to our shul. I recognize that this is not a decision to be taken lightly and I am aware, as well, that many other shuls in our community will not be taking this action, but I believe that it is an action we must take.
Rabbi Dr. Glatt is an expert in the field of infectious diseases, and has been the consultant for all of the major Orthodox Jewish organizations during this crisis. It was Dr. Glatt whom I consulted when I made the decision to keep our doors open for Shabbos this week. When I asked Dr. Glatt today if he thought the situation had evolved to a point where we should close, he replied that we should close. It is our responsibility to follow the advice of the medical experts and to shut our doors at this time. Effective immediately, and until further notice, we will not be open for tefilah or any other gathering. You may go in to the shul to retrieve your belongings as needed.
I understand that the closing of our doors while many other major institutions in town continue to operate will have little effect on mitigating the spread of this virus, but I must follow the psak of the medical expert whom I consulted. If the other shuls remain open at the advice of medical experts whom they have consulted, that is certainly appropriate as well, and we should respect that decision. I will follow the advice of Dr. Glatt, as he is a known expert in his field.
The Mishna Berurah in Hiclhos Yom Hakipurim, rules that if 100 doctors state that a patient does not need to eat, but one doctor who is a renowned expert in the field states that he must, we feed the patient on Yom Kippur as per the advice of that expert. I feel that our situation is analogous. Rabbi Glatt’s expertise creates a halachic imperative that we follow his guidance.
The Torah tells us that when a murder victim is found between two cities and the murder is unsolved, there is a process to be gone through to atone for the murder. The process of eglah arufah includes a concluding procedure where the elders of the city wash their hands and declare “Our hands did not spill this blood.”
The Mishna in Sotah questions the absurdity of the assumption that the elders may have been guilty of murder and the need for them to protest their innocence. The Mishna explains that the elders are actually declaring that they were not guilty of leaving the victim unfed or of allowing the victim to leave their city without escort. The Mishna is telling us that the leaders of a community need to be aware of the impact and weight of the policy decisions that they make. We need to be able to confidently and honestly declare that we did not make decisions or did not fail to make decisions that led to the loss of life. We cannot be complacent at this moment. Failure to act decisively can and will lead to loss of life. I am therefore shutting our doors so that at the least, we will be able to declare “Our hands did not spill this blood.”
As I stated from the pulpit Shabbos morning, it is my opinion that to gather for minyanim and shiurim against the advice of medical experts is a mitzvah haba’ah b’aveirah and is of negative halachic value. Please take care not to congregate or gather in large groups for any purpose at this time. Only go out when necessary, continue to follow good social-distancing and hygiene practices, and follow the advice and guidance of health authorities.
For those who are troubled by the thought of missing tefilah b’tzibur or of not gathering together to study Torah, I leave you with the following thought. The Chazon Ish one year was asked a halachic question by an elderly individual whom the doctors had advised to eat on Yom Kippur. The person wanted to fast despite the doctors’ advice and asked the Chazon Ish whether he may. The Chazon Ish replied that he must listen to the doctors. Realizing that this gentleman might not heed his psak, the Chazon Ish went out of his way to visit the individual on erev Yom Kippur and reiterate that he must eat. Seeing that this person was bothered by his need to eat on Yom Kippur, the Chazon Ish explained “We are but soldiers carrying out the command of our leader. For some of us, that command is to fast. For others that command is to eat. I need to fast to carry out Hashem’s will. You get to eat to do so.”
Today, it is the will of Hashem that we daven alone. That is our mitzvah. Take advantage of the opportunity to not have to keep pace with the shaliach tzibbur and to not rely on the tefilos of those around you, and instead find meaning and connection in your tefilos. Every obstacle is also an opportunity; you just have to see it as such.
We will continue to assess and evaluate as this situation continues to develop and evolve. Please daven for Divine protection and please be careful and stay safe.
Rabbi Yisroel Gottlieb
Cancelled for now...
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of the below shiurim.
Rabbi Gottlieb's Navi Shiur every Wednesday
Evening @ 8PM.
Shir Hashirim based on the work of the Netziv
TCN Shiurim -Thursday Night @ 7:45PM - Rabbi Mansour
Thursday Night @ 9PM - Rabbi Frand
Avos U'Banim will return next year -
Thank you to all that participated! 
Motzei Shabbos @ 8:00PM - Rabbi Yisroel Reisman
Sandra Thurm Women's Mishna Class 
Thursday evening @ 8PM.
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