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Congregation Bais Torah

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Celebrating an Anniversary, New Grandchild, Special Birthday, Simcha, or a Yartzeit you want to Commemorate or Just Because....
Sponsor our Weekly Kiddush - be a part of our BAG Kiddush - Sponsor our weekly Seudah Shlishis, Donate a Yartzeit Plaque Sponsor: Rabbi Frand's, Rabbi Mansour's  and or Rabbi Reisman's Weekly Video Shiur. For more information please contact or call 845.352.1343.

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Rabbi Gottlieb's Navi Shiur every Wednesday
Evening @ 8PM in the Simcha Room
Shir Hashirim based on the work of the Netziv
Live TCN Shiurim - BT SImcha Room
Thursday Night @ 7:45PM - Rabbi Mansour
Thursday Night @ 9PM - Rabbi Frand
Motzei Shabbos @ 7:30PM - Rabbi Yisroel Reisman
Sandra Thurm Women's Mishna Class 
Thursday evening @ 8PM in the Multi-Purpose Room
This Motzei Shabbos - Parshas Vayetzei - Avos UBanim @ 6:30PM

 join us for learning, pizza and prizes - Multi-Purpose Room

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Sun, December 15 2019 17 Kislev 5780