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There are a select few homes in this world where one can walk in as a total stranger and within moments feel as though he has been there his whole life.

Bais Torah is such a home. Bais Torah is a place of Torah and Tefilah that is warm and inviting.

Bais Torah is more than a shul; it is a family. Together we share our joyous occasions and help one another to bear the burdens of life. All of life’s milestones are occasions for our family to come together, and we do.

Bais Torah is a place of Tefilah. We offer a full schedule of minyanim on Shabbos and during the week so that every one of our members can participate in and reap the benefits of communal prayer. Our tefilos during the Yomim Noraim uplift and inspire us to greater heights.

Bais Torah is especially a place of Torah. Torah study is the most central element of Jewish existence and survival. It alone has sustained us through two thousand years of exile and carried us back to our land. From our two daily Daf Yomis, to our full slate of shiurim every Shabbos, along with our regular classes all week long and our adult education programs, Bais Torah is a veritable wellspring of Torah, from which you will come and drink and be elevated.

Bais Torah is a family that is ready and waiting to welcome you to join us. We invite you to come and spend a Shabbos with us in the heart of beautiful Monsey, New York. You will find a vibrant, contemporary synagogue in one of the greatest centers of Torah and Jewish life in North America today. We look forward to greeting you.



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